Norcross pedestrian accidents can happen at any time and by any driver—young or old, female or male. However, there are two main groups who present the most danger to pedestrians—elderly drivers and novice drivers.

Why are novice drivers a threat to pedestrian safety?

  • Teens are often distracted with texting and driving.
  • Novice drivers are distracted when traveling with other teen passengers.
  • New drivers lack experience behind the wheel.
  • Teens possibly drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Male teens are likely to speed.

Why are elderly drivers a danger to pedestrians?

  • Seniors tend to have visual problems due to deteriorating eyesight.
  • Older people often have hearing issues.
  • Seniors may develop side effects from their prescription medications.
  • Elderly people may suffer from dementia.

Although senior drivers are less likely than teenagers to speed and drive aggressively, elderly drivers are sometimes impaired by their slow reflexes. Also, some seniors can experience altered judgment from dementia or from the drugs they take, whereas teen drivers are new drivers and lack the experience and judgment behind the wheel. Although there are some differences between the two, both age groups may be at an increased risk for hitting a pedestrian.

If you were obeying the traffic signals within the crosswalk and were hit by a young or old driver, you may have rights to compensation for your injuries and damages. To find out more about your rights, call an experienced Norcross pedestrian accident attorney at Shane Smith Law at 770-HURT-999 for a complimentary case consultation today.

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