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Were You Hurt Due to Poor Security Measures?

When you’re on someone else’s property, especially commercial property like a store or business, you should be able to assume that security measures have been taken to protect you from potential criminal offenses. If those measures were not taken and you are hurt or affected by a crime, the property owner or manager could be responsible for your harm and losses.

At Shane Smith Law, we take pride in representing individuals who have been injured as a result of crimes that could, and should, have been prevented by adequate security measures. Our Charlotte negligent security lawyers firmly believe that property owners should be held accountable for their failure to take necessary precautions to secure their properties and prevent criminal activities. Using our decades of collective legal experience and resources, we’re ready to represent you in a complex negligent security claim or lawsuit.

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Examples of Negligent Security

Premises liability is a legal concept that requires property owners to take reasonable steps to protect visitors, patrons, and others from harm, including harm caused by criminal acts. Despite this responsibility, many commercial property owners often overlook this duty, leading to inadequate security measures that can result in harm to innocent individuals. When security measures are not up to par, it opens the door for potential crimes to occur, turning the property into a hazardous environment. In turn, an attorney could prove that the property owner is liable for the consequences of crimes that happen on the property due to their inaction to secure the premises, which can be argued as a form of negligence.

Common examples of negligent security include:

  • Insufficient security staff: If there are not enough security personnel present on the property to adequately monitor and protect the area, visitors could be at risk of criminal acts like assault, battery, and robbery.
  • Lack of locks or key systems on exterior doors: The absence of these security measures makes it easy for unauthorized individuals to gain access to the property.
  • Non-functioning or absent security cameras: Security cameras are crucial in monitoring activities on a property. If they are broken, crimes may go undetected or unrecorded. If cameras are missing altogether, it can encourage criminal offenders to commit crimes there.
  • Poor lighting: Dimly lit areas can provide obscurity for criminal activities. Adequate lighting is essential in parking lots, walkways, and other common areas to deter criminals and ensure the safety of individuals on the property.

Properties That Need Strong Security

Security needs can vary greatly from one property to another. The type of security needed often depends on several factors, such as what is sold at the property, the volume of people who typically frequent the property, and the location of the property, especially if it's situated in a high-crime neighborhood. These factors can significantly influence the potential risk of criminal activities occurring on the premises, thereby necessitating different degrees of security measures.

Our attorneys can investigate your case to see if the property on which you were affected by crime should have had more security measures in place. We can also check the property’s internal security and safety reports, if any exist, to look for evidence that the risk of crime was known or should have been known—yet no improvements were made.

Examples of properties that often require stronger security measures include:

  • Retail stores: Particularly those selling high-value items like electronics, jewelry, or designer goods. These businesses are attractive targets for thieves, necessitating solid security.
  • Banks and financial institutions: Given the nature of their business, these establishments need security to prevent robberies and protect the financial assets of their customers.
  • Hotels and resorts: With a high turnover of guests and the presence of valuable belongings, these properties should have security measures in place to prevent theft.
  • Concert venues and stadiums: The large crowds at these venues make them a potential target for various crimes, requiring vigilant security measures, especially at entryways.
  • Properties in high-crime neighborhoods: Regardless of the type of property, if it's located in a high-crime area, stronger security measures are essential to deter potential criminal activities.

Injuries Suffered in Violent Crimes

The consequences of a violent criminal act can vary and persist for years. Physical injuries can be life-changing, but so can emotional and mental trauma suffered due to the frightening experience. When we are working on a negligent security claim, we always consider all types of harm you have endured due to the criminal’s actions, which should have been prevented with better security measures.

The value of your claim could be affected by your:

  • Physical injuries: A violent crime can cause a variety of physical injuries like lacerations, fractures, gunshot wounds, etc. Permanent disabilities or fatal injuries might be suffered in the most violent of assaults.
  • Traumatization: The emotional impact of being a victim of a crime can be just as devastating, if not more so, than physical injuries. Victims often grapple with feelings of fear, anxiety, and distress long after the incident. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is not uncommon among survivors of certain crimes.
  • Financial losses: Of course, if you lost valuable property due to a theft crime, the value of that property will be considered when calculating the compensation owed to you.

Negligent Security Claim Damages

We know how to fight for the full damages owed to you as a negligent security claimant. Our Charlotte negligent security attorneys have the skills and experience to handle all aspects of your claim and pursue full damages. Whether your case can be resolved through settlement negotiations or needs to go to court for litigation, we will be ready to protect your rights and fight for fair and maximized compensation on your behalf.

Damages in a typical negligent security claim can be sorted into two categories:

  1. Economic: Tangible financial losses that you have suffered due to criminal activity that went unprevented. Medical expenses, lost wages, future unearned or lessened income, and property damage or loss are the most common forms of economic damage.
  2. Non-economic: Intangible harm that you suffered due to criminal activity that went unprevented. Pain, suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life are among the most common types of non-economic damage. Different damages may exist if you lost a loved one due to a violent crime.

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If you've been harmed or impacted by a crime on another person's property, the criminal justice system may not account for your financial losses and various damages. In such cases, pursuing a civil lawsuit can be crucial to holding the property owner accountable for their failure to provide adequate security. Our legal team at Shane Smith Law is well-versed in handling negligent security cases and all the complexities that come with them. Our Charlotte negligent security attorneys are prepared to serve as your legal advocates in your pursuit of both compensation and justice.

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