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Are You Living with the Consequences of a Serious Brain Injury After an Accident?

More than 5 million Americans are living with a disability related to a brain injury, according to the International Brain Injury Association. Research shows that many brain injuries are the result of a personal injury accident, such as an auto accident, pedestrian accident, or slip and fall. Not only are brain injuries common among accident victims, but they're one of the most serious types of injuries personal injury victims can face, as they can lead to long-lasting or permanent physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral impairments. Fortunately, there's help.

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Types of Brain Injuries 

Not all brain injuries are created equally, and the effects of a brain injury can vary significantly based on the type and the severity of the injury.

Brain injuries are often described as being “open” or “closed.” While this may seem like an odd way to classify an injury, “open” brain injuries are those caused by a foreign object penetrating the skull, while “closed” brain injuries don't include penetration of the skull.

These injuries can also be grouped by severity. For example, concussions are a mild form of traumatic brain injury (TBI) that often heal on their own with time and rest, while moderate and severe TBIs are more serious and, thus, likely to require more extensive medical and assistive services.

Personal Injury Accidents Associated with Brain Injuries

Considering that most brain injuries are caused by a violent blow or jolt to the head or body, their close association with personal injury accidents isn't all that surprising. Just think of the bouncing, bumping, jostling and sliding that occurs during an auto or truck accident, how easy it is to bang your head on the floor during a slip and fall, or just how vulnerable a pedestrian is without any kind of external protection, and it isn't hard to see why these injuries and accidents often go hand-in-hand. 

Our firm handles the following types of personal injury accident cases, each of which can create conditions ideal for causing devastating brain injuries:

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Costs Related to Living with a Brain Injury

Just like the effects of a brain injury can vary by type and severity, so too can the costs associated with living with a brain injury. Victims with mild TBIs may need relatively little long-term medical care and support services, while those with a more severe TBI may be unable to work or care for themselves and require round-the-clock nursing and assistive care.

Here are just a few examples of the costly expenses brain injury victims may face:

  • ​Medical care
  • Rehabilitative services, such as physical and occupational therapies
  • Assistive equipment, such as leg or back braces, walkers, and wheelchairs
  • Handicap-accessible vehicle
  • Home modifications
  • In-home or on-site nursing care
  • Home cleaning services

Fortunately, thanks to North Carolina's personal injury laws, brain injury victims can pursue compensation for both economic and non-economic damages, such as:

  • Past, current, and future accident-related medical expenses (including medical-related travel costs)
  • Property damage repair or replacement costs, if applicable
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning potential
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Mental and emotional anguish
  • Permanent disability
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • And other expenses

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