Following an Atlanta car accident involving a rear end collision, it is very important that you contact an experienced attorney to protect your rights. Georgia law requires that all drivers maintain a safe travelling distance behind other vehicles. This allows time for drivers to stop without hitting other vehicles, regardless of whether the rapid stop was expected or unpredictable. While most drivers who rear end the car in front of them are determined to be at fault for the Atlanta car crash, there are circumstances where this is not the case.
A qualified legal professional can assist you in evaluating the facts and circumstances surrounding your particular accident. Generally, if another driver cut you off, you may have an argument for shifting fault onto that driver. The attorney will look at the facts surrounding the accident, including:

  • whether the other driver properly signaled the lane change
  • whether the other driver was observing safe driving practices by changing lanes
  • whether the other driver allowed for sufficient reaction time by other vehicles
  • whether the other driver’s lane change left your vehicle with sufficient space to stop and avoid a rear end collision if you were driving properly and paying attention at the time of the crash

Rear end collisions can be tricky accidents to evaluate. With insurance adjusters and law enforcement pressuring you following the crash, it is essential that you consult an experienced Atlanta car accident attorney who will look out for your best interest. Contact our office at 404-513-5415 for a free consultation.

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