Georgia has a rule which states that the minimum insurance policy limits in Georgia are 25/50/25. These are what is called the minimum insurance limits available in Georgia. If you break down the numbers it means that the first 25 refers to 25,000 per person in any single car accident. The second number, 50, refers to $50,000.00 of total personal injury liability coverage available to everyone involved in a Coweta personal injury and car accident. The third number, 25, refers to up to $25,000.00 worth of property damage to everyone involved in a city car accident. These are the minimum insurance limits in Georgia. The second number, 50, usually only comes into play if there are more than two people who are injured in a car accident not counting the defendant driver who caused the city car accident.

One of the most important first things my office, a personal injury law firm, does is determine the appropriate insurance limits for the defendant driver. We want to know this so that we can better help you manage your medical care, advise you on the value of your personal injury case, and any limitations on that personal injury case. Another thing a good personal injury law firm is going to do is research whether you have uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. Depending on your type of coverage, it may be available if your injuries are very severe or if the defendant who caused the car accident does not have enough insurance available for your medical injuries.

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