Many car accident victims will go to the emergency room immediately following a car accident and be diagnosed with muscle strain, muscle spasms, soft tissue injuries, whiplash injuries, or back/neck strain. Those are all basically the same injury just different terms for it. Many primary care doctors or family doctors will recommend just taking the medication and seeing if the symptoms improve.

These injuries can be very painful and severe on the pain scale. While they are not life threatening, the discomfort and pain associated with soft tissue injuries and back and neck injuries can be so severe you cannot work, sleep, get our of bed, or even go to work. It is for these reasons that people who suffer soft tissue injuries or whiplash injuries are entitled to just compensation for their personal injuries as anyone else.

It's most appropriate when you have these types of injuries that you seek the proper medical care, not only so that you get better but so that you do not reinjure yourself several weeks after you finish treating. In that case you would not be able to tie it to the car accident. If you do not receive any medical care after suffering soft tissue injuries or whiplash injuries you are likely to reinjure yourself in the future.

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