Grocery stores are often fraught with potential slip and fall hazards. Issues such as loose debris, liquid spills, fallen merchandise, or freshly waxed floors all could potentially cause a slip and fall injury. Whether or not a person can recover for injuries caused by these conditions depends on a variety of factors, including how long the hazardous condition existed and whether the store employees knew or should have known about the condition. It is extremely important for victims of slip and fall accidents to record as much information about the incident as possible. Some of the things to document include the following:

  • Where the accident occurred
  • The condition that caused your accident
  • The injuries you sustained
  • Whether other people were also injured by the condition

If possible, try and take photos of the dangerous condition that caused your fall as soon as possible after your accident. In addition, make sure that you undergo a thorough medical evaluation conducted by a medical professional.

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