Our roads in the Atlanta metro area are becoming more crowded and dangerous every day due to drivers speeding, talking on cell phones, texting while driving, or driving intoxicated. This means that driving or walking near traffic can be the most dangerous thing you do every day. 

Pedestrians are more vulnerable on the road and often suffer serious injuries. According to the Department of Transportation, a disabling injury in a motor vehicle crash occurs every 14 seconds. While many disabling injuries affect drivers and occupants in vehicles, pedestrians also receive disabling injuries due to negligent, careless drivers.

Georgia Pedestrian Accidents Lead to These Types of Disabling Injuries

  • Head injury, traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury, paralysis
  • Neck injury, broken neck
  • Thorax injury, chest trauma, 
  • Abdomen trauma, splenic, or liver injury
  • Pelvis fracture, hip injury, internal organ injury
  • Loss of limb, amputation 
  • Upper-extremity injuries
  • Lower-extremity injuries

Unfortunately, a vehicle can severely disable a pedestrian by its bumper, hood, and windshield. A vehicle’s bumper typically causes disabling injuries to a pedestrian’s lower extremities, whereas the hood is responsible for causing disabling injuries to a person’s head, face, thorax, abdomen, pelvis, hips, and upper extremities. The windshield is the source of most head injury for pedestrians.  

When a pedestrian suffers from any of the above mentioned injuries, he may be left with physical limitations. Sometimes, a pedestrian may lose a limb in a crash or suffer paralysis, never being able to walk, perform the same daily activities, or work again.

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious, disabling injury in a Georgia pedestrian accident, you deserve to have experienced accident attorneys fighting on your side so that you can recover as much compensation as possible for your medical care, lost income, and other damages associated with your injury.

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