Clayton County auto accident victims should collect basic information from the other driver: his name, address, phone number and license plate number, his insurance company name and the policy number. Victims should also find out if there were any witnesses and get their names, addresses and phone numbers. Accident scene photos should be taken including damage to each vehicle involved and the accident scene perspective in relation to the street. Perhaps the most important thing is to contact the police department to have a police report generated even if the accident seems minor.


Georgia auto accident attorneys at the Law Office of Shane Smith can help if you are the victim of an auto accident. Having a police report is an essential part of the evidence necessary to build your case.


There are at least two ways to obtain a police report. One is by visiting the police station and showing an identification card. Another is by going online to the Georgia Department of Transportation and paying a one-time fee. A victim's attorney will obtain the police report if the victim has not already done so.


File a police report even if a victim does not have immediate symptoms or injuries


Filing a police report is an essential piece of evidence to establish the accident details. Memories may fade over time and eyewitness testimony may not be reliable. However, a police report is a timely official account of the accident recorded by an impartial third party. Having generated a police report can be beneficial in the settlement process with an insurance company or during litigation.


An accident victim may not immediately have symptoms or feel injuries. A police report documents the accident details and may be the essential evidence necessary if the victim later has symptoms such as traumatic brain injury (TBI) or other physical problems.


You should also contact a Clayton County auto accident attorney. Call the Law Offices of Shane Smith and let the attorney speak to the other driver's insurance company representatives. The other driver's insurance representatives may try to settle the claim quickly and for less than you are entitled. Once you have secured the representation of an attorney you should not speak to the other party's insurance representatives.

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