Shane Smith Talks about His Firm’s Successful Cases

Have you been in an Atlanta truck, car, or pedestrian accident and suffered injuries? Georgia personal injury lawyer Shane Smith explains in this video how he has been able to help people just like you seek justice and recover compensation for their damages and injuries sustained in collisions throughout Georgia. Watch to learn more.

We at Shane Smith Law have helped hundreds of people who have been seriously injured in car and truck accidents in Georgia. An example of a successful case involved a drunk driving accident that seriously injured a young married couple. The wife sustained a broken back, but thankfully she wasn't paralyzed. We were able to obtain a great recovery for them, and they were extremely happy with the results. We also had success with a case in which a truck driver was hit by a sleeping driver and as a result, hit another semi head-on. We were able to get a successful settlement for him so that he never had to return to work. These are just a couple of examples, but our law office helps car accident victims every day.

We can even help you if you do not have any money or health insurance by talking to doctors to see if they will treat you for free until your case is settled. Contact the experienced GA injury lawyers at Shane Smith Law at (980) 246-2656