Attorney Explains Injury Compensation After A Crash

Attorney Shane Smith explains that compensation following an auto accident, truck crash, motorcycle accident, or pedestrian accident in Georgia may vary from person to person. The reason there is no standard or a specific amount of compensation awarded to injured victims is that no two cases are exactly the same. Watch this video to learn more. Since every accident and situation is unique, compensation for injured victims or their families depends on many variables. Some victims may suffer whiplash, while others may be diagnosed with spinal cord injury or even killed in a crash. Because the injuries differ in severity, it is only fair for the compensation to be matched accordingly. Many things are considered before compensation is awarded, such as medical bills, loss of services, loss of wages, rehabilitation, physical therapy, and the permanency of the injury. These are factors that get analyzed and weighed when considering the amount of compensation that is awarded to a personal injury victim in Georgia. Call Atlanta injury attorney Shane Smith at (770) 487-8999 and he will explain compensation or answer any of your legal questions. He has written considerably about compensation following car and truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, and even DUI victims at his website