After a Car Accident, Settling Too Soon Can Hurt You

After a Georgia car accident, you will receive a phone call from the insurance company wanting to settle your property damage and bodily injury claim. While the amount of money they offer you may sound reasonable, how do you really know if you are receiving a good offer?  Georgia accident attorney Shane Smith shares in this video what you should know before settling with the insurance company.

What if the insurance adjuster calls you and offers you $1,000 to settle your claim? Would you take it? Before you do, you should ask yourself this question. Would this amount of money pay for my car to get repaired and for my medical expenses? Probably not. If you have any pain and need x-rays, an MRI, and medical care, you will be left with the bill if you settle too soon. Sometimes, injuries like a herniated disc take a while to manifest, which is why you should never settle with the insurance company too quickly after your auto accident. Unfortunately, insurance companies are looking to save money and not looking out for your best interest.

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