Auto Insurance Claim Delays Cost You Money

After you are injured in an Atlanta auto accident, you may contact your insurance company to ask a question or to get information only to find that they are not getting back to you.  If it is your first time working with insurance adjusters, do not let them fool you.  Georgia personal injury lawyer Shane Smith explains in this video why insurance companies are known to delay claims. Insurance adjusters have a job to do. Their job is to save their company money at your expense.  One of the ways that insurance adjusters save the insurance company money is to delay everything.  This tactic allows them to exploit your delay later on.  For example, you may have called the insurance adjuster to find out a name of a medical provider, but they didn’t get back to you for two days. Later on, they may indicate that you didn’t seek medical care right away or that you had a gap in seeking medical treatment.  As you can see, this trick may cost you money and save them money.
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