What Should You Do After A Car Crash?

If you have been involved in a Georgia auto accident you may not know the proper steps to take or what to do immediately following a car crash. Watch this video to hear attorney Shane Smith explain the necessary steps that every injured victim should follow. Even if you believe you have not sustained serious injuries, make sure you seek medical attention. You never know what problems may result later down the line. Follow up with a doctor regarding the diagnosis, and make sure to get treatment for your pain. Also, it is crucial to preserve the evidence of the accident, because once it is lost you will never be able to get it back. If there are witnesses at the scene of the accident, make sure to get their names and phone numbers. This information is critical so you can contact them to clear up any disputes. In addition, do not admit fault or talk to the insurance company of the other driver. If you have been injured in a Georgia car accident, contact an experienced personal injury attorney immediately. Attorney Shane Smith has other tips and legal information at his website https://www.shanesmithlaw.com/. You can also call (980) 246-2656, if you have any legal questions regarding car accidents and personal injury claims.