The Perfect Solution for Your Legal Woes

Are you a doctor who is frustrated with constantly feeling like you are unable to reach your attorney or have no idea what is going on with your patient's case? Norcross attorney Shane Smith discusses his solution to your problems in this video.

I want to take a minute to talk about a new program we are implementing in my office. I have been talking to a lot of doctors and one of the main complaints they have is not being able to get in touch with the lawyer's office. In order to address this issue and to better serve the people who are helping our clients get better, I’ve appointed a liaison in my office to provide them with the information they need. We also have a guarantee stating that anytime you need information, my managing attorney or I will contact you within two hours with the information you need. This way you will know what’s going on with your case and in your patient file without having to wait for an extended period of time. In an attempt to reduce the amount of time it takes to receive payment for your settlement, we are going to express mail every check to our doctors and chiropractors involved in this program. We have taken these steps in order to alleviate some of the major difficulties doctors experience while working with lawyers' offices and we hope you find it to be very beneficial and helpful. 

We sincerely appreciate our partnerships with doctors’ offices and consider them to be a critical part of our success. If you are a doctor in need of legal help, contact Shane Smith today for a free consultation.