What Is A Preexisting Case?

Have you been injured in a slip and fall accident but suffered from pain in the same area before the accident?  In this video, Peachtree City slip and fall attorney Shane Smith explains this type of case and how he can help you get a good recovery.

Many people who are injured in a slip and fall accident will begin explaining their injuries with, “Well, my back hurts but I hurt it two or three years ago. Now, after my accident, it hurts worse.” This is a very common situation with knee injuries as well. Someone will have a knee that has been bothering them a little but then they are involved in a slip and fall or trip and fall accident and it becomes greatly worse. We call this a preexisting case or an exacerbation case. This basically means that you already had a condition, but it was made worse by the incident. Your condition requires prior medical records and a doctor must differentiate your pain from what it was before the accident to what it is after the accident.  Preexisting conditions are an added complication in slip and fall cases.

If you have suffered a slip and fall and have preexisting conditions, Shane Smith can help. Contact him today to schedule your free consultation.