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Handling Product Liability Cases in Georgia

When you hear the term “products liability,” what comes to mind?

You might think of a company being liable for a defective product. Companies that sell and/or market products that are defective or otherwise substandard when their products are used as intended may in fact be liable. However, each individual case must be evaluated to determine if there has been a defective product.

Manufacturers may be held liable for injuries or fatal accidents caused by their products. One of the legal theories is known as “strict liability.” This legal theory says that a supplier or manufacturer can be held liable where there is not a defect with the product. Therefore, when a product performs as intended, a manufacturer or supplier can still be held liable if the end user has an injury or death related to the product.

Liability can still be claimed and established because this legal theory has been interpreted to mean that even though a product works according to the manufacturers’ specifications, and it is not defective in any way, the design of the product itself poses an inherently dangerous risk to the use. Items can include a stove, nail gun, or countless other items. Courts have found manufacturers liable because they should have known the product they have produced should not have been marketed to the injured audience.     

Some examples of companies that might be held liable for strict liability cases include:

  • Animal care businesses
  • Hazardous material handlers 
  • Product manufacturers

Say a tire manufacturer was accused of strict liability. A plaintiff would not need to prove that the manufacturer failed to ensure a good tire. Instead, a plaintiff would only need to prove that the tire was defective and caused injuries or death. This is just one example and may be applied to many other businesses, but must be studied carefully before charges can be alleged and proven in court.

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