6 Statements That Could Wreck Your Atlanta Car Accident Claim (Part A)

When you’ve been in a car accident, the road to recovery can be an expensive one. You’ve got vehicle repairs, car rental, medical bills, and much more. Often, if the wreck was the other driver’s fault, their auto insurance will help pay for some of these items when you file a car accident claim; however, the insurance company won’t make it easy on you. This is why you should consult an Atlanta car accident lawyer. 

When you file a car accident claim, you’ll have to work with an insurance adjuster who will assess the damages and determine the amount you are due. As they are employees of the insurance company, adjusters aren’t looking out for your best interest. They often try to undervalue damages and minimize blame, so you get less money. 

It’s very important when talking to an adjuster that you are very careful about what you say. One slip up, and they can make you look like the negligent driver, and your claim will be unsuccessful. Shane Smith, Atlanta car accident lawyer, shares these six phrases you should avoid when discussing your case with an insurance representative: 

“I’m sorry.”

When you utter these words, it’s like the kiss of death for your car accident claim. To an adjuster, “I’m sorry” is an admission of fault. It’s you accepting some of the blame for the wreck, and it severely lowers the amount of money you can get for your damages.

“I’m fine” or “I’m not hurt.”

Even if you ARE fine, never say these words. Whether or not you have visible injuries, you never know what symptoms may present later on. If you say on record that you are not hurt, any future conditions will be inadmissible and can’t be attributed to the accident. You won’t be able to receive payment for them.

“I think …” or “In my opinion …”

Don’t estimate and don’t guess about details of the accident; if you are wrong, it could make you look inconsistent or dishonest and ultimately hurt your claim. You should stick to the facts and only discuss things you are sure of. When in doubt, say “I don’t know.”

Continue reading to find out the other three statements that could wreck your car accident claim. If you have been in an accident, contact an Atlanta car accident lawyer today at (980) 246-2656

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