Digital and Physical Records of Duty Can Be Evidence in a Georgia Truck Accident Injury Claim

When you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an accident with a commercial truck you’re often left looking for answers as to why the accident occurred. When there is no evidence of mechanical failure, aggressive driving, or truck driver intoxication the next type of negligence Georgia truck accident attorneys look for is driver fatigue because of violating the record of duty rules.

Federal and state laws allow for truck drivers to only operate their vehicles for certain consecutive lengths of time after which they must take a mandatory break from driving. There are also restrictions on how many consecutive days a driver may be on duty before a mandated rest of 1 day or more. 

The times the vehicle is in operation or off-duty are recorded in 2 ways: digitally and physically. A digital record of duty is produced in most commercial trucks with the use of an electronic on-board recording device (EOBR). This “black box” records:  
  • the operating status of the truck;
  • date;
  • times; and
  • totals for the driver during an operation period.  

The records are stored at the motor carrier’s home office and must be made available either digitally or by printed record upon request from a federal, state or local official.

A physical record (driver log book) is required to be kept by truck drivers and should accurately record the same data as an EOBR. However, one of the drawbacks to physical log books is that not only are they more prone to human error or negligence in record keeping, but they are also much more easily altered after the fact.

It is not unheard of for a motor carrier or truck driver to alter the record of duty to avoid being accused of violating federal standards for driving times. When this occurs, producing the evidence necessary to support your injury claim from an accident caused by a fatigued truck driver can become much more difficult. 

Truck accident attorneys may be able to help you obtain the EOBR records, which are more difficult to alter, but can also be more difficult to obtain. 

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