Atlanta Truck Accident: Attorney Discusses Negligence of Liable Parties (Part A)

An Atlanta truck accident can involve not only the driver but other individuals or entities that may play a part in the liability.

In order to learn who may be responsible for the injuries you have sustained, a truck accident attorney can help by first determining if your claim for compensation is valid and what types of damages you should seek. They may also be able to determine if you have a claim against more than 1 party.

Liability in an Atlanta Truck Accident

In most cases, it will be found that the driver of the truck was negligent. You will need to establish through evidence what actions were the direct cause of your accident and injuries.

Some of the types of negligence that can lead to truck driver liability include:

  • talking on a cell phone;
  • eating/drinking;
  • falling asleep at the wheel;
  • speeding;
  • impairment;
  • texting; and
  • other types of careless or reckless behaviors. 

In addition to the truck driver being found liable, their employer could also be accountable. They have a responsibility for their drivers when during the scope of their work; they act in a negligent manner and it results in injuries to another person.

But there may be other types of evidence that show employer liability. For instance, if it was discovered that the employer tampered with the driver’s logbook or driving history to cover the amount of time on the road or violations, this can end up significantly impacting your claim.

The owner of the truck may also be held accountable. Trucks that aren’t properly inspected, maintained, or repaired could be considered unsafe for the road.

Another party that may be held liable is the manufacturer. This may be the case if it’s found that there was some type of defect in the truck. Defective equipment or parts may be partially or completely to blame, including: 
  • tires;
  • steering;
  • brakes; or
  • the trailer attachment.  

Considering that it can be difficult to place blame or determine the negligent party on your own, it is highly advised to contact a truck accident attorney at (980) 246-2656, as he or she probably has experienced these types of cases on a regular basis.
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