Auto Accident Lawyers in Atlanta Help Gather Evidence for Truck Accident Claims (Part B)

Truck accident claims are often the subject of serious or fatal injuries, and new rules are constantly being proposed to help increase safety on the roads when it comes to trucks. Some believe that more rest time is needed. Others would like to see a driver’s workweek limited in hours.

No matter what your thoughts are, the fact is that when a truck accident occurs it can be especially devastating and lead to a personal injury lawsuit. When it was preventable and a driver was on the road for a longer period of time than they should have been, they could be held liable, and auto accident lawyers in Atlanta can help you prepare a solid claim.

In addition, their employer may also be held liable if it can be shown that they either knew of any violations in the driving/rest time or ordered that additional time be spent on the road. The driver’s duty book can show this.

Required Information in a Driver’s Duty Book

Some of the required information that is to be recorded in the driver’s duty book includes: 
  • date;
  • start time of the 24-hour period;
  • miles driven in a 24-hour period;
  • name of the carrier;
  • total hours operating truck;
  • total hours resting; and
  • driver’s signature. 

There may be other information that is included. This duty book can be extremely helpful when it comes to proving negligence of a truck driver. Since it can be difficult to obtain, you will need help from auto accident lawyers in Atlanta

Securing legal help is the best way to protect not only your rights but your claim as well. You want the assurance that you will have someone fighting on your behalf for what you may be entitled to. 

Serious or fatal injuries may lead to the pursuit of a personal injury lawsuit. Due to the complexity of truck accident claims, it would be in your best interest to obtain counsel from auto accident lawyers in Atlanta.

Providing the Legal Help You Need after an Atlanta Truck Accident

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