Child Car Accident Injuries: Why You Should Choose a Pediatric Hospital After an Atlanta Car Accident

In Atlanta we are fortunate.  Only 250 of the nation's 5,700 hospitals specialize in treating children.  And although children account for almost one-third of emergency room visits, 94% of hospitals lack adequate pediatric medical supplies and one-third of hospitals have no pediatrician on staff. 
Children are not small-scale adults. Even a small amount of blood loss can lead to shock or death in a young child.  Doctors who are used to dealing with adults can miss signs of deterioration in children. Because a child can't communicate how he feels, doctors may miss serious injuries.  In fact, researchers at Iowa Methodist Medical Center who studied a community hospital found that 18% of pediatric trauma injuries were overlooked by doctors.
This study was not exceptional. Researchers at Johns Hopkins and Duke University tested pediatric emergency procedures at 35 emergency hospitals in North Carolina. Nearly all of the hospitals failed to properly stabilize injured children.  The hospitals also failed to identify and treat children with a life-threatening drop in blood sugar, nor did they order proper IV treatment.  The research was published in the journal Pediatrics.  
Long before an Atlanta car crash occurs, discuss the best emergency room for your child with your pediatrician. If your child is injured and the injury is not life-threatening, request that emergency responders take your child to that hospital.  Then call your doctor and let him know that your child has been injured and you are going to the emergency room.
If your child has life-threatening injuries and time is of the essence, it is important to get to the nearest hospital. Once your child is stable you can request a transfer to your preferred hospital.
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