Common Seat Belt and Atlanta Car Accident Misconceptions Debunked

Nearly everyone has heard that wearing a seat belt can improve your chances of surviving an Atlanta car accident. Unfortunately, not every driver wears a belt consistently. This may be because of common misconceptions that a seat belt is not always necessary. These misconceptions can have deadly consequences.

  • “I’m just going down the road; I don’t need a seat belt.”

Since 75% of fatal car crash deaths occur within 25 miles from home, and more than half of all accidents involving injuries occur at low speeds, this thought is clearly a mistake.

  • “As long as my kids are wearing seat belts, they are safe in an Atlanta car accident.”

Even if you are not concerned with your own safety, failing to wear a seat belt can injure your child passengers. One out of four serious injuries is caused by passengers being thrown into each other during a crash.

  • “As long as my kids are in their safety seats, they are protected.”

Children not only need to use safety seats, they also must be used correctly. Three out of four families fail to do so. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

  • “I’m choosing to wear my seat belt; it’s not up to me if my passengers do too.”

You may save lives simply by speaking up and asking your passengers to buckle up. Studies have shown that nine out of ten people will wear their seat belt when asked.

  • “I know wearing a seat belt is a good thing, but does it really help that much?”

Yes! Seat belts reduce the number of serious traffic injuries by 50% and fatalities by approximately 60%.

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