Did an Atlanta Trucking Accident & Seat Belt Cause a Sternal Fracture?

While seat belts save lives, they are also linked to sternal fractures during serious crashes. Because of the force of the impact, the seat belt does its job by restraining buckled-in motorists; however, many people suffer chest trauma as a result. One such injury occurs to the sternum, also known as the breastbone, which is positioned right in the middle of the chest.

Seat belts don’t cause this injury during a normal fender bender; sternal fractures occur during forceful wrecks, such as an Atlanta trucking accident. While seat belts can cause additional injuries during any type of wreck, head-on collisions typically produce the worst injuries.

The upper body tends to move farther forward than the lower body during a crash. Because of this movement, the seat belt quickly locks up and keeps motorists from going too far forward. When this happens, a person’s body is thrown against the locked seat belt forcefully, which may cause a sternal fracture. However, this is how a seat belt should work in order to stop a person’s body from continuing forward through the windshield.

When a sternum injury occurs, there is a greater chance of suffering other internal chest injuries to the lungs and organs, and even a broken collarbone. While this is true, seat belts also keep motorists from being ejected and suffering fatal injuries, which is why it is important to stress that all motorists should always buckle up. Although, seat belts may cause additional injuries during an accident, the person who caused the crash should be responsible for such injuries.  

If you were injured in an Atlanta accident with a truck, it is important to talk with a skilled personal injury lawyer to ensure you receive full compensation for your accident-related injuries. Call Shane Smith Law for help with your case at (980) 246-2656 for a free case consultation today.

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