Filing a Tort Claim Against Government in Georgia: Common Situations Granted Waivers of Sovereign Immunity

Consult a DeKalb County personal injury lawyer if you are injured due to the negligence or actions of a Ga. government entity or employee. It is often difficult to file a successful personal injury claim in these situations, which is why contacting an attorney may be helpful in many cases.

Because of the doctrine of sovereign immunity, these tort claims against the government may prove difficult, although it is possible to be granted a waiver of sovereign immunity.

There are certain situations in which a waiver of sovereign immunity may be granted, including:

  • ·        if you were injured due to a negligent government driver, such as a postal service worker, an Army driver, etc;
  • ·        if you were harmed or injured due to improper or negligent medical treatment at a government facility, such as a veteran’s hospital or military medical center;
  • ·        if you suffered injury due to unsafe conditions at a government office or building, including post offices, the department of motor vehicles and social security buildings; and
  • ·        if you endured damages or injury due to a negligent or careless act of a government entity or employee.

If you’re considering a tort claim against a Georgia government entity, let a legal professional evaluate your case immediately to determine if it may be eligible for a waiver of sovereign immunity. Call (980) 246-2656 to speak to a DeKalb County, Ga. personal injury lawyer at Shane Smith Law now.