Important Types of Evidence in an Atlanta Truck Accident Injury Claim (Part A)

There are 3 main elements of a truck accident personal injury claim: negligence, injuries, and damages. To develop all of these into a valid case you’ll need many types of evidence regarding your accident and injuries. Compiling this evidence can be difficult if you’re not working with an Atlanta auto injury attorney for your claim. 

Attorney Support Can Explain the Necessary Types of Evidence

Any evidence of driver negligence is good evidence in a truck accident injury claim. Don’t dismiss even the smallest details of your truck accident as evidence without discussing them first with your Atlanta auto injury attorney.

Some of the most critical types of evidence after a truck accident include: 

  • photographs or video of the accident;
  • incident reports from police or the truck company;
  • the “black box” data from the truck;
  • records from the trucking company regarding maintenance of the vehicle;
  • the driver’s record of duty logs; and
  • contact information or statements from witnesses. 

While some of these types of evidence may be easy for an individual to procure, records from the trucking company regarding the driver and vehicle may be more difficult. There are even guidelines that specifically allow for trucking companies to destroy certain records after a period of time following a truck accident.

Destruction of records is one of the main reasons types of evidence may be lost that can be critical to your injury claim. You must move fast to prevent this from happening, and an Atlanta auto injury attorney can help you attempt to stall or prevent evidence from being shredded.

Contact an Atlanta personal injury attorney who will work with you to preserve the necessary evidence to support your case. Your settlement may depend on the timely compiling of your evidence against the truck driver.

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