Georgia DUI Victims of Serial Drunk Drivers Are Entitled To Economic Justice

One would think that people who drive drunk and crash or get caught would learn their lesson, especially if they injure someone else in the process. However, no amount of money in fines or punishment will stop some people from driving intoxicated. These drivers are known as serial DUI drivers.

In some cases, drivers have multiple DUI convictions and are still driving on a suspended license. In one recent situation, a driver had six prior DUI convictions, a DUI case still pending where charges were filed, and a license suspended until 2039. Yet, somehow, he still got behind the wheel of a vehicle after he had been drinking all night and drove drunk.

Sadly, people who don’t see their behavior as wrong or endangering will continue to drive intoxicated, and others will suffer the consequences. In this situation, the serial DUI driver crashed into a DUI victim, who suffered the following injuries:

  • Damaged rotator cuff
  • Fractured arm
  • Shattered wrists
  • Shattered ankle
  • Shattered pelvis

Injuries of this nature will leave the victim in need of surgery, rest, and physical therapy that can consume months of a victim’s life. When serious injuries are the result of a Georgia DUI crash, victims are sometimes left in wheelchairs, or are dependent on others to get around and care for themselves.

Not only can serious injuries change a victim’s immediate plans, but injuries can affect a victim for a lifetime. Injuries that cause a victim life changes can also affect a victim’s ability to work and make a living. Sadly, some injuries can cause permanent damages, scars, loss of function, and disability.

If you were injured by a serial drunk driver in Georgia, or if you have lost a loved one due to an intoxicated driver, you may have legal rights to a financial recovery for your medical expenses, physical therapy, lost income, pain and suffering, or funeral costs and other losses. While no dollar amount can really compensate you for your damages, it is a way to receive economic justice and get the necessary help you will need to move forward.

To find out how to pursue a civil case against a serial drunk driver, and to find out more about your rights, contact an experienced Georgia attorney for drunk driving victims at Shane Smith Law for a free consultation at (980) 246-2656.

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