How a Trucker’s Driving Record May Impact a Truck Accident Claim

Injured in a truck accident? A determination will need to be made as to who was at fault. This will require a review of the evidence in the case, such as eyewitness accounts, photographs or video of the accident, and more. A trucker’s driving record may even have some effect on a claim if it demonstrates a pattern of negligence or a lack of qualifications and training.

How a Trucker’s Driving Record Can Impact a Truck Accident

Although an initial determination will need to be made as to what caused the crash, an investigation may be launched regarding the truck driver. It is during this time when additional information could be uncovered, which may help build a strong case.

One of the things that may impact a claim is the trucker’s driving record. Some of the information it may contain includes any history of drug or alcohol use, records from previous employers, and safety performance history.

For example, let’s say it is later discovered that the trucker had been involved in a few accidents, all of them a result of negligence. Or the record shows previous violations for drug use.

Establishing a pattern of negligence, coupled with evidence of fault in the current accident, may help build your case to demonstrate the driver’s liability for the accident and your damages.

A poor driving record or history of substance abuse at the time of hiring, meanwhile, could help establish the employer’s negligence in hiring the driver or allowing the trucker to operate a semi.

Other Types of Evidence That May Be Used after a Truck Accident

In addition to the driving record, you might be able to use other records and documentation to make your case stronger. An example would be the driver’s logbook. It could show the trucker had been behind the wheel longer than allowed by federal law.

If the truck contained an electronic onboard recording device, the data could help establish the cause of the accident. For instance, it might show the trucker was speeding at the time of the accident.

Consulting a Personal Injury Attorney in Atlanta

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were an estimated 80,000 persons injured in a crash involving a large truck in 2010, 58,000 of whom were occupants of other vehicles. A personal injury attorney at Shane Smith Law in Atlanta can help collect not only the preserved evidence (photographs, accident report, witness statements, etc.), but also other records that can strengthen a truck accident case. 

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