The Longest Part of a Truck Accident Claim Is Gathering Evidence

The bulk of any truck accident claim is supporting evidence. You need to prove these 4 main things to have a valid claim in Georgia:

  • someone else’s negligence caused your truck accident;
  • the other party owed you a duty of care to prevent you from harm;
  • the truck accident resulted in substantial injuries and damages; and
  • you were no more than 50% at fault for the accident. 

The proof of these matters lies in the evidence of your truck accident, which is the foundation for your injury claim. The number of parties involved and the severity of your injuries are both factors that may increase the amount of work to be done in gathering the evidence for your claim. 

Gathering evidence is especially complicated when filing a truck accident claim against a negligent trucking company. Motor carriers are notorious for withholding evidence or even destroying it before you can use it for your claim. Your Georgia personal injury attorney can help you intervene and start the request process for this evidence before it’s too late. 

Even with an attorney’s help, the evidence-gathering process may take months before your claim is ready to go to settlement. You need to make sure you have every advantage possible to avoid a denial or reduction of compensation to which you are entitled. 

While the evidence stage of a claim comprises the majority of the work, there are still plenty of other steps involved in the truck accident claim process. To avoid the frustration of constantly following up on your claim’s progress, work with a Georgia personal attorney.  

Give Your Truck Accident Every Advantage Possible

The settlement of your truck accident claim is an important matter for your future. Truck accidents can result in serious injury that can end in permanent disability or death, drastically changing your future plans. By seeking a fair truck accident settlement with the help of a Georgia personal injury attorney, you can help secure your family’s financial security. 

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