Is it legal for trucking companies to destroy evidence after a truck accident in Atlanta, Georgia?

In Atlanta, it is illegal for a truck company to destroy evidence after a truck accident. Unfortunately, truck companies do it all the time. They may try to fix damages to the truck to make it harder to prove who was at fault. They may even falsify information in the logbook. This is why it is important to seek an Atlanta truck accident lawyer as soon as possible to protect your case. 

It’s important that action is taken immediately to prove who was at fault with an accident because there is a black box inside of the truck that records all of the truck’s movements. This information isn’t permanent though, and it’s easily recorded over as soon as the truck continues to travel. Preventing the truck from being moved, or removing the black box before the truck is moved, can ensure that information from the accident is preserved for evidence. 

While it can be difficult to stop tampering of the evidence after a serious injury accident, you can decrease the chances of it by contacting a lawyer as soon as possible. An accident lawyer is able to contact the truck company immediately following notice that you may be filing a lawsuit. This is important because this means they cannot compromise any of the information about the truck from that moment on. 

In addition, lawyers can request a restraining order against the truck company. This is the most effective way to prevent them from destroying possible evidence that can back your personal injury claim. 

Contact an Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer 

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