PTSD After an Atlanta Car Crash Know the Signs

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that can develop after a life-threatening situation or traumatic event. Ten to 45 percent of car accident victims suffer from PTSD in the year after a car crash.  PTSD can interfere with relationships, social interactions, careers, and everyday life.  
Car accident victims with PTSD often relive the traumatic events they have experienced.  Often signs of PTSD include:
  • Having flashbacks or reliving the car crash
  • Dwelling on the event; an inability to focus on anything else
  • Physical reactions when reminded of the car accident, may include nausea, rapid breathing, increased heart rate, or profuse sweating
  • Avoiding reminders of the traumatic event
  • Nightmares, insomnia, and other sleep disturbances
  • Angry outbursts for no apparent reason
  • Lost interest in favorite activities or hobbies
  • Hyper-vigilance; feeling the need to always be on the alert
  • Panic attacks
  • Depression
  • Inability to leave the house
  • Fear of driving or fear of being in a car
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
Some emotional trauma after a car accident is perfectly normal.  See our article, "Dealing With The Emotional Trauma Of An Atlanta Car Accident", for more information.  However, victims of PTSD should speak to a medical professional about their symptoms.
In many cases, insurance compensation will cover the treatment of PTSD after an Atlanta auto accident. To discuss your claim with an Atlanta car crash lawyer, contact Shane Smith Law at (980) 246-2656