Truck Drivers May Try to Use Logs to Cover Up Negligence

Commercial truck drivers must follow a long list of regulations set out by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in order to try to ensure safety on the road. However, with millions of truck drivers traveling the highways every day, you may wonder how the FMCSA keeps tabs on whether every driver is following the laws. One way the FMCSA checks up on drivers is to examine driver log books. Log books are meant to keep track of every delivery, hours worked, breaks taken, and inspections performed. Some drivers believe they can cheat the system and simply make false entries into their log books in order to cover up violations of the rules. However, when one such driver causes an accident, an experienced truck accident attorney in Coweta County knows how to identify errors or fraud in log books to find the real cause of the accident.

If a truck driver does not take the proper amount of break time between driving shifts as set out by the regulations, he may end up causing an accident due to fatigued driving. The driver may then falsify his log book entry to show he did take the required break in order to avoid responsibility for the accident. Our experienced attorneys do not simply take the logs at face value, but examine other documents, such as receipts for deliveries. By knowing the timing of the last delivery and the amount of miles driven, we can tell the amount of time a driver actually spent on the road and that he could not have taken the required breaks and traveled that quickly. In this way, we can show the driver violated the rules in a negligent manner.

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