The Costs of Auto Accidents in Georgia and Coweta County

Auto accidents and collisions are the leading causes of people aged 5 to 34 and within the 10 most common causes of death to people of all ages. In the United States, over 30,000 people are killed each year as the result of car accidents. Car accidents can have serious financial consequences, and result in around $41 billion in losses due to losses in medical expenses and lost wages.  The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that in Georgia alone, auto-accident related costs were $1.55 billion, including $17 million in medical costs and $1.53 billion in work loss costs. These costs break down to $386 million for motor vehicle occupants, $124 million for mototcyclists, $20 million for bicyclists, $160 million for pedestrians, and $856 million due to unspecified or other road users. By age group, 5% are children, 15% are teens, 42% are young adults, 35% are adults, and 2% are older adults.

The CDC recommends the following strategies as a way to save lives and money that are lost to car accidents:

  • Enforcement of seat belt laws that cover all occupants of a vehicle
  • Laws that require age and size appropriate child-seating apparatuses
  • A comprehensive graduated drivers licensing system that helps give new drivers low-risk driving experience prior to full driving privileges.

In comparison to other states in the region, the table below shows how Georgia compares in terms of population and costs due to crash related deaths:





9.1 million

$1.55 billion


4.5 million

$1.07 billion


17.8 million

$3.16 billion


4.2 million

$871 million


2.9 million

$881 million

North Carolina

8.7 million

$1.50 billion

South Carolina

4.3 million

$1.01 billion


6.0 million

$1.15 billion

The most effective way to reduce the costs associated with car crash-related injuries and deaths is to reduce the overall number of crashes. Methods to reduce auto accidents include strong law enforcement of traffic laws, strict licensing requirements, strong enforcement of DUI laws, and the use of deterrent measures. In addition, making driving or riding in vehicles safer can prevent or reduce injury in the event that a crash does occur.

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