3 Myths about Recorded Statements

One of the sometimes confusing aspects of the claims process after a car accident is dealing with the insurance company. It can be hard to know your rights, which is why you should speak to an Atlanta car accident attorney before talking with an insurance adjuster. 

One of the things insurance adjusters may ask is for you to give a recorded statement. They will tell you this is just a way for you to relay your version of the events, but there are 3 myths regarding recorded statements that you should know.

The first myth is that you can’t refuse the insurance company’s request. You are under no obligation to provide a statement. You can tell the insurance adjuster that you will need to speak with a car accident attorney. 

The second myth is that the insurance company is looking out for your best interests. The adjuster might even tell you that. The adjuster may say that the company just wants to take care of your medical expenses and help you move on with your life. Yet the reality is that the company is trying to pay less. 

The third myth is that by telling the truth, you can’t go wrong. Yet the reality is that what you say can be distorted, regardless of its veracity. It could end up hurting instead of helping your claim. Before you give a recorded statement, you should consult an Atlanta car accident attorney.  

After You Have Been Injured in an Atlanta Car Accident 

When you or someone you love has sustained serious injuries caused by someone else’s negligence in an Atlanta car accident, you should know your rights. The Shane Smith Law can provide you with valuable tips on how to protect your case, free of charge. Contact our offices at (980) 246-2656.

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