Basic Safety Rules for Bicyclists

There are many different possible forms of transportation in this day and age, including cars, motorcycles or scooters, public transportation, walking, skating, and bicycling.  Likely due to rising gas prices and increasing traffic, more and more people are opting not to use the traditional car, taxi, or bus transportation whenever possible.  However, a lot of Americans have too far of a commute to walk, and therefore a bicycle is a perfect option.  Bicycles are relatively fast, provide exercise, use no gas or other fuel, and keep you from worrying about finding a parking spot, as you can easily store a bicycle in your home or office.  The only real downside to riding a bicycle for your daily commute is the risk of an accident with a motor vehicle.  If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, call an experienced Fayette County accident attorney today to discuss your case.

The unfortunate reality is that riding a bicycle along busy streets can be dangerous.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 677 bicyclists died from injuries received from accidents with motor vehicles.  This number equals 2% of all traffic accidents, even though bicyclists make up only 1% of people on the roads.  Even though the risk of accidents may be worrisome to those considering bicycling as a major form of transportation, organizations such as Bicycling Info and the NHTSA maintain that bicycling is a safe form of transportation as long as some basic safety tips are followed.  For instance, adult riders who ride on busy streets should always ride with automobile traffic and obey all traffic signs and signals as if they were driving a car.  Children, especially those under the age of 14, should not be able to ride a bicycle unattended on a busy street.  If they are riding to school on a regular basis, the route should be regularly checked to make sure there are available sidewalks for them to use.

These are only a few tips available online for bicyclists to follow to avoid injury.  However, if an accident does happen at the fault of a careless or distracted driver, it is important to seek medical attention right away.  It is also imperative that you contact an auto accident lawyer at Shane Smith Law to see how you may be reimbursed for your injuries.  Call today at (980) 246-2656.

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