Discussing Texting With Teen Drivers To Reduce Georgia Car Crashes

Teenagers often feel invincible, which is why they participate in dangerous driving behaviors. Your son may be texting and driving because he was never in a Georgia car accident before and really doesn’t understand just how dangerous car crashes can be. Additionally, cell phones seem to be glued to teens’ bodies these days, which is no wonder why teenagers don’t want to put down their phones when they are behind the wheel.

While you and I are aware of the dangers involved with texting and driving, many teenage drivers are not or just don’t want to think about the consequences of their actions. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, less Americans—both adults and teens—are concerned about the dangers involving texting and driving. Their recent survey revealed that 81 percent of people surveyed in 2012 consider texting to be dangerous compared to 87 percent in 2009.

This revelation is all the more reason that parents need to talk with their teenage drivers about the dangers involved with texting while driving. Not only should parents have many conversations about this topic with their teen drivers, but parents should also be role models. If all else fails, parents can purchase cellphone apps that would monitor their teen’s driving behaviors to alert them if their teen is texting while the car is in motion.

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