How Can I Make Sure My Son Doesn’t Text While Driving in Georgia

Although teen drivers are being told by their driver instructors and their parents that they should keep their eyes on the road and not on their phones, many still participate in distracted driving. Because teenagers don’t really understand the dangers involved with driving, they don’t realize they increase their chances of being involved in a Georgia car accident when they text behind the wheel.

If you want to keep your son safe and minimize his chances of being involved in a crash that causes injuries or death to himself or others, you might consider purchasing a cell phone application that will disable texts while the car is in motion. There are many smartphone applications that can help teens drive safer by eliminating cell phone distractions. One example is cell CONTROL. This system disables the distracting functions of the smartphone while the car is in motion, including disabling handheld calls, texting, and emailing as the car begins to move.

The system can only be controlled by the administrator and will notify the administrator (you) if your son tries to remove or deactivate the safe driving system. SecuraTrac is another application similar to cell CONTROL that will shut off texting, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and emailing functions while the car is moving.

Even if your son tells you he keeps his hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, teens are still children who can easily become tempted by distractions. This is one of the reasons why car crashes are the leading cause of teenage death in this nation. Unfortunately, the risk is highest for young males, according to a recent article by USA Today.

As Georgia personal injury lawyers at Shane Smith Law, we encourage parents to talk with their teens about distracted driving. You may want to look into purchasing an application that can help protect your son and others sharing the road with him.

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