My mother suffered a compression fracture in a car accident that was not her fault. How much should my mom’s compression fracture case be worth?

We are saddened to hear that your mother was injured in a car crash, but we are thankful she has a child like you who is interested in her health and financial future. Unfortunately, auto accidents can leave many victims with pain, injuries, and inadequate funds to pay for the care they need. This is why auto accident victims need to seek compensation through a Georgia personal injury claim.

Compression fractures from Georgia car accidents are more common in older adults because the bones of elderly people are more fragile. When the impact of a car accident causes tiny fractures in the bones of the spine, those fractures eventually can cause the vertebrae to cave in. 

If this happens, the shape of the spine may be change permanently. Also, compression fractures can cause changes in posture, breathing difficulties, and pain.

Because a compression fracture can cause a deformity of the spine, these cases could be worth a lot. However, we cannot assign a dollar amount to this case until we review your mother’s medical records and speak with her doctor to find out her exact condition and prognosis.

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