Who is liable for my ankle injuries that occurred in an escalator accident in my office building?

Depending on your circumstances and your specific case details, there are generally four parties that could be responsible for your escalator accident and injury in Georgia. These parties include:

  • You - if your negligence contributed to the accident
  • The owner of the building the escalator is located in
  • The manufacturer of the escalator or escalator parts
  • The maintenance company that inspects and works on the escalator

In order to establish negligence and fault in a premises liability case, a Peachtree City premises liability attorney would need to prove that the escalator malfunctioned due to failure to maintain it, that the parts were faulty or defective, or that the building owner was told about escalator concerns and didn’t do anything to correct the problem. In order to prove this, your attorney would have to investigate the incident, review the facts, hire experts to testify, and interview witnesses.

The attorney for the other side will likely try to blame you by asking you tough questions that could cause you to admit that your own negligence led to your escalator injury. For this reason, it is wise to hire a skilled premises liability lawyer who will know how to prepare you to answer the questions in order to help you prove liability and get just compensation for your injuries.

Shane Smith Law can help. Call (980) 246-2656 to talk with a Peachtree City premises liability lawyer today in a complimentary case consultation, and get started seeking the compensation that you deserve.

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