I Slipped and Fell in a Grocery Store and an Employee Saw Me and Came Over to Me to Make Sure I Was Okay. I Didn’t Realize My Back Was Injured Because I Was Embarrassed and in Shock. I Don’t Have Health Insurance and Now Need to See a Doctor. What Should I

Many people often do not know they are injured if there are no signs of broken bones and blood. This is because they are stimulated by adrenaline, and like you said, many people are often embarrassed and in shock. However, pain often settles in after adrenaline has left the body. The tremendous amount of pain you are experiencing may be a pulled muscle, herniated disc, nerve damage, or another type of injury.

It is best to go to the doctor to get checked out to confirm your injury, and determine if it requires medical attention or just rest. Additionally, you will want to call the store and report the accident so that they can file an incident report. Try and recall the employee’s name who witnessed your accident. The more proof you have that you fell at their grocery store, the better.

Whether the store will be held responsible for your injuries will depend on what you do next.

  • Do not give the grocery store or their insurance company a statement.
  • Do not sign a release form.
  • Do not give them access to your medical records.

The biggest mistake people make in these situations is trying to deal with the store and insurance company on their own. It is best to see a doctor in order to determine if your back injuries will have any long-term effects and to consult with an attorney. An experienced Roswell premises liability lawyer will be able to deal with the insurance carrier on your behalf so that you do not get taken advantage of. Call Shane Smith Law at (980) 246-2656 for help and a free consultation today.

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