The Settlement or Litigation Process

The settlement or litigation process

During this final phase, you will receive the proposed settlement paperwork. You will need to review the details of the settlement for your particular case to decide if you are willing to accept the terms with the insurance company.

If you decide to accept the settlement, you will need to complete the provided forms and return them to our office in the pre-stamped envelope. Once we know of your decision, we will request the settlement check from the insurance company. It will take them several days to process, but normally within one week, we will receive the settlement check. Once we have this check in hand, we deposit it into the bank and wait for the funds to clear. At this point, we are required to send payments out on any of the liens made against your settlement, any Medicare or Medicaid payments, any loans made against your settlement, and any other case expenses. The remainder of the settlement is handed over to you!

If on the other hand, you and Attorney Ron Smith decide that litigation is your best option, we will assign you to one of our two experienced litigation attorneys. They will work on getting the background check complete, determining which court to file your case, and contacting your friends and family to act as character references for you. The entire litigation process takes about 1 year to complete.

*If you have questions about your case, please contact Jennifer at 770-487-8999 ext. 5 to go over the settlement package or to set up an appointment time for you to see Attorney Ron Smith.

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