First offer received letter

I wanted to write to update you on the status of your case. I have mailed the initial demand ot the insurance company. In writing the demand, I consider everything you have been through up to this point. I go over all of the medical bills and records. Your medical bills totaled $. My initital demand amount is $. I try to make my initial demand around 4 to 4.5 times your medical bills. In making the demand I carefully consider the amount of treatment you received, the type of treatment, the amount of your bills, any lost time from work, and any permanent injuries.

The initial demand is always higher than what I think we will get from the insurance company. I prefer to argue and reduce the demand than to start out low. I expect the insurance company to make a low offer. Then we will fight and negotiate to raise the offer as much as possible.

I will contact you as soon as we hear from the insurance company . They have 30 days from when they receive the demand package to reply. This means we should hear from them 45 days from now. If I receive an offer prior to this point, I will contact you.

*YOUR case, while in negotiations is being handled by Jennifer. You may contact her at 770-487-8999 ext. 5 for any questions relating to your case.

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