General Resources for American Companies Doing Business in Russia

 As more and more government officials, scholars, and others weigh in, it appears that a new type of cold war has developed between America and Russia. Right now, it’s difficult to know if it will keep growing or what repercussions may develop, especially in light of the Ukraine situation, the tragic passenger airline that was recently shot down, and the ongoing situation surrounding American Edward Snowden who is still living in Russia.                                        

During times like these, American businesses already operating in Russia – and those interested in establishing new businesses there -- should carefully review all U. S. government policies and recommendations regarding their activities. Sadly, it was just two years ago, back in 2012, that U. S. President Barack Obama announced the National Export Initiative that was designed to encourage the “doubling [of] exports [from America to Russia] by 2014.”                     

Here are some excellent resources for American businesses currently marketing their products or services within Russian borders.

Top Resources for American Companies Doing Business in Russia

  • The U.S. federal government keeps publishing critical news releases that are posted by the U. S. Department of State and shared through press briefings. One recent message posted by the American Embassy in Russia (August 20, 2014) spoke volumes. It warned all U. S. citizens in Russia to give further thought to their own security if they choose to remain in the country due to “current political tensions” between the two world powers, and various demonstrations and other activities. You can find more useful information presented in the Russian Country Commercial Guide that’s updated annually;

  • General legal information pertaining to setting up a business and running it in Russia. Of course, this basic data must be constantly reviewed in light of current world events that may make it dangerous to remain in Russia;

  • General News OutletsAccording to one August 2014 news report, Russia is not interested in shutting down all of the McDonald’s fast food chain stores in the country. At present, McDonald’s has “over 400 eateries in Russia, with the company announcing plans to expand, despite the recent complications.” This same news report indicated that “McDonald’s employs 35,000 staff and retailed nearly $1.5 billion worth of food to customers” in Russia during 2013.

    Some of the best media sources that post updated stories about doing business in Russia (and all other pertinent events) are:  The New York TimesThe Los Angeles TimesCNN-Money; Britain’s The Telegraph; as well as The Moscow Times. However, the last named source’s depth and breadth of reporting may be limited.  American businesses may also want to consult information provided by The Russian-American Chamber of Commerce in the USA, while always carefully interpreting what’s stated there in light of current government information provided by the U. S. State Department.

    It’s interesting to note that while many international companies may currently be planning to remain in Russia, one recently published CNN article makes you wonder why. This August 2014 article is entitled,10 Western Companies Getting Slammed in Russia.” The international companies named in this article include: McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Carlsberg, Adidas, Volkswagen, Ford, Renault, BP, Societe Generale, and Danone.  

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