Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Shane Smith answers question - I was hurt in a car accident and need a doctor but I do not have health insurance?

Atlanta car wreck lawyer Shane Smith Answers the a question about how to get medical care if you are injured in a car accident and do not have health insurance.  This is a question I hear from clients during our free consultation all the time.  How do I go to the doctor for my back and neck injuries when I do not have health insurance.  Sometimes, they have tried to get the adjuster to authorize or Pre- approve the treatment with the chiropractor or the emergency room, other times they tried to get the hospital to do third party billing or for the adjuster to tell them where to go to the doctor.  The adjuster does not want you to go to the doctor because if you do not get medical care, they will not pay you anything substantial on your car accident or personal injury claim.
     Initially, I tell my clients who are hurt right after the car accident to go to the emergency room of the nearest hospital.  We want to make sure that you do not have any broken bones or other serious life threatening injuries.  Assuming that you have "soft tissue" injuries or back and neck injuries, my office would normally recommend that you try and receive treatment from a doctor or chiropractor on an attorney lien.  This is where you, the doctor and the lawyer agree to pay the doctor out of the car accident settlement.  This is only a way to delay collection from the doctor or chiropractor until a settlement is received. 
     If you have a more serious injury then you need an attorney who has extensive relationships with medical specialists.  Your lawyer will need to have a good relationship with a medical specialist or surgeon in order to get them to treat you on credit.  This is where the attorney's reputation can be critical.  Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Shane Smith has successfully helped clients get medical care when their injuries ranged from back and neck strain, to a torn rotator cuff, a torn ACL, to lumbar fusions and even plastic surgery in one car accident case.  Please see our FAQ for more details on this.  Call us, we would be glad to help.
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