Can My Daughter Receive More Compensation Because Her Injuries Were Caused by a Drunk Driver Rat

Generally, yes. It seems as if no one is more negligent behind the wheel than a drunk driver. Because a driver deliberately gets behind the wheel of his or her vehicle after consuming alcoholic beverages, knowing the risks, he or she should be held to a higher degree of accountability than a sober driver who made a mistake. 

Accidents are simply just that – unintentional, unplanned events. However, accidents involving a drunk driver are not considered accidents at all. When a drunk driver injures an innocent motorist or pedestrian, it is no accident on the driver’s part.

Insurance companies are aware of this and understand that alcohol is an aggravating factor that increases financial recoveries in settlements and verdicts involving drunk driving cases. Juries often award a Georgia DUI victim more compensation and punitive damages because they want to teach the negligent driver a lesson. 

However, insurance companies for the other side don’t want to give out money. Because of this, your daughter will need an experienced Georgia DUI victim attorney to help her get the most compensation possible. An attorney who spends every day fighting for victims of drunk driving accidents will know how much your daughter’s case should be worth and will fight for her just compensation.

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