Dropped Drinks & Slippery Floors Attributed to Roller Rink Slip & Fall Injuries in Gwinnett County.

Roller Skating Facilities Are Liable For Countless Gwinnett County Slip & Fall Injuries in Sugar Hill and All Over Georgia.

Many people go to roller skating rinks for an afternoon of fun and enjoyment, not to worry about slipping on the premises or when they are skating on the roller rink. While some roller rinks have a track record of thousands of visitors with no records of injuries, other roller rink facilities in Georgia has less than perfect safety records. Due to the negligence of roller rink operator’s and their employee’s negligent and willful disregard to maintain a safe premises,  countless Gwinnett County slip and fall accidents occur to patrons every year in Georgia.

According to the National Institutes of Health, roller rink accidents are more common than you might think. Out of all Sugar Hill slip and fall injuries sustained by on the roller rink nearly 9 out of 10 were serious injuries (86%). The most common types of injuries involved the following body parts: the wrist, shoulder, elbow, and ankle with respective percentages of 23%, 20%, 15%, and 12% of all roller rink articles.

The main reason for these injuries was attributed to skaters impacting one another and skaters losing control of their own skating. This study recommended increased monitoring of roller skaters, teaching roller skating patrons how to skate safer and increased public awareness campaigns to make sure patrons are well aware of the dangerous of skating and precautions to take when skating on a roller rink.   

Speaking with a Gwinnett County premise liability accident attorney at Shane Smith Law can help you determine what legal rights you are entitled to from your Georgia slip and fall roller skating accident. During your free initial consultation, your case will be evaluated and liability and damages will be determined to see what type of case you may have. Don’t wait any longer to preserve your legal rights, call (980) 246-2656 to make your appointment today.

Just like any other type of public business, a roller skating rink can have many hazards unknown to the average patron’s eye. Some hazards on the skating rink and elsewhere in the facility include:

  • Spilled drinks or cleaning solutions
  • Failure to use “caution” signs after a floor has been cleaned or a new spill has occurred
  • Improperly cleaned floors – by an employee or by using the wrong cleaning solutions

Roller skating rink accidents and injuries can also occur because the owner and/or their employees have failed to address safety issues within one’s own facility. Some examples include:

  • Failing to train employees on how to spot, rope off and take care of spills
  • Not having regular maintenance schedules to check for spills, excessive slipperiness
  • Not inspecting floors, entrances, exits and other walking and skating surfaces that might other increase the chance of a slip, fall or other type of injury due to a known hazard to the facility’s patrons.

If you have suffered injuries or have a family member that has experienced injuries due to the negligence of a roller rink owner’s negligence, you may have a case to recover for your damages. Shane Smith Law can speak with you, determine your individual circumstances and see if you have a Gwinnett County premises liability claim. Call (980) 246-2656 to speak with a Sugar Hill slip and fall accident attorney today!      

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