Who Is Liable for a Peachtree City, Georgia, Playground Accident?

Playgrounds at parks and schools are places where children should be able to run around and play without the fear of getting hurt. Unfortunately, thousands of children get injured in playground accidents each year. While some injuries are due to a child’s negligence, other playground injuries in Georgia are caused from the following:

  • Negligent supervision of children
  • Poorly maintained equipment
  • Failure to maintain the premises
  • Defective playground equipment

Children presume that slides, swings, jungle gyms, and other playground equipment are safe; however, poorly maintained equipment or defective playground equipment can cause needless injuries to children. When schools or cities are negligent in maintaining their premises, fail to replace old, dangerous playground equipment, or neglect to repair hazards, they should be held accountable for a child’s injuries.

Sometimes, premises liability cases such as playground accidents can be complex due to the multiple parties who could share responsibility. Some of the many parties that could potentially be liable for your child’s playground accident injuries include:

  • School district
  • Private school
  • Daycare
  • City
  • Manufacturer of playground equipment

When your son or daughter suffers a broken bone, concussion, head injury, or another injury at the playground or schoolyard, negligence in maintaining the premises or defective equipment may be to blame. Unfortunately, some of these injuries can cause a child to miss school and suffer growth plate problems, while medical bills pile up. 

Children need recess and the breaks from academics to develop properly, but if a playground injury has inhibited your child’s physical development, you may have rights if the injuries were caused from unsafe equipment or negligence on the part of another. Whether your child was injured at school or a city park, you may have a Georgia premises liability case.

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