Why is the insurance company trying to settle my knee injury claim for nothing? I injured my ACL and MCL in a slip and fall and am out of work. How can I get a bigger settlement?

To an individual, a knee injury is a big deal. People use their knees for just about everything including standing, walking, running, sitting, bending, and driving. While we often take our knees for granted, when a knee injury occurs, it severely limits our mobility. This causes great difficulty possibly including an inability to work, drive, and perform our daily activities. This limited lifestyle could last for several months.

Although knee injuries are not life threatening, they can be very painful. Victims of Norcross slip and fall accidents may miss time from work due to serious knee injuries, such as an ACL and MCL tear. While insurance companies may treat your injury as a minor injury, you know that the discomfort and limited mobility affect every aspect of your life and have done so since the accident—you don’t know when the pain will go away and you’ll walk freely once more. Yet the insurance company wants to shrug-off your injury as inconsequential. They do this to minimize their liability.

Insurers don’t want to pay the highest amount that you are due; however, if a property owner’s negligence led to your knee injury, you are entitled to recover for lost wages, medical expenses, surgery, physical therapy, pain and suffering, and more. Don’t let the insurance company tell you differently. For help collecting adequate compensation, please call an experienced Georgia premises liability lawyer at Shane Smith Law. You can reach us at (980) 246-2656 for a free consultation to find out more about getting the most compensation possible for your Norcross premises liability claim.

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