Ask a Fulton County Car Crash Attorney: Should I Give A Recorded Statement To The Car Insurance Company?

If you were injured in an Atlanta area car crash, it is very likely that an insurance adjustor will call you within a few days after your injury.  The agent will start with some friendly conversation.  Then he will ask if he can take a recorded statement or ask to record your conversation.  He may say it is normal procedure and that your case cannot proceed without the recorded statement.  This is not true.
Fulton County car crash attorney Shane Smith advises clients to refuse the recorded statement.
Why is this so important?
1. The purpose of the recorded statement is to obtain evidence that can be used if your case comes to trial.  You may think, "Why does it matter? I'll just tell the truth."  
Suppose the insurance adjustor asks "How are you doing today?"
You automatically say, "Fine. How are you?"
Your answer may be used as proof that you are not in pain. The recorded statement is a fishing expedition for evidence.

2. At the time of the call, you have no idea of the extent of your injuries.  If you are taking pain medication, you may not know that your knee will cause you chronic pain and require extensive physical therapy.  Insurance companies want to reach you early because once you accept a settlement, your future pain and medical costs won't be covered. If the insurance agent asks about your injuries or asks for access to your medical records, don't answer.
Insurance companies, like all businesses, want to make money. The recorded statement is just one way that insurance adjusters try to minimize your claim.
Regardless of what the adjustor claims, you are under no obligation to give a recorded statement. Do not give a taped statement until you've spoken to an experienced Fulton County car crash attorney. The attorney will help you answer the questions and make sure that your claim remains protected.
For more tips about what to do after a Fulton County car crash, download Fulton County car crash attorney Shane Smith's free book: "10 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Georgia Wreck Case." If you'd like to discuss your claim, contact Shane Smith Law at (980) 246-2656 and ask to schedule a free consultation.

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