What Proves Liability Following a Norcross Car Accident?

Every day, across our country, drivers have car accidents. Typically one driver is in the wrong for causing the accident; however, sometimes more than one party has some degree of liability. In many cases, drivers may not think they are the ones who caused the crash. For this reason, there are several things to consider when determining liability in a Norcross car crash.

Some of the factors that can help you establish liability in a crash include:

  • Traffic cameras – Red-light cameras are put in place to help catch red-light runners and reduce intersection accidents. When an intersection accident is caught on tape, the footage can show things such as which driver did not yield the right-of-way and possibly who is at fault in the crash. Because these cameras are operated by third parties and the footage is not kept forever, you should immediately have an attorney request this proof to help establish liability in your case.
  • Witnesses – If there are witnesses to your crash, ask them for their contact information in case you need them to testify later. Have them write down their names, addresses, and phone numbers. It is best to give a copy of this information to your Norcross accident attorney for safekeeping.
  • Police reports – The officers who arrive on scene typically investigate the crash and make an official report of the accident. Be sure to get the officer’s name and a copy of the police report. Although police reports can sometimes be wrong, they are often considered great evidence about car accident liability. For example, the length of the skid-marks on the pavement could show that one car was speeding. If a police officer determines liability, he typically issues a traffic ticket at the accident scene.
  • State traffic laws – Vehicle code, also known as rules of the road, can be reviewed to determine who was at fault in a crash. You can typically find this information online or at your local DMV office; however, an accident attorney would know the exact working of the code section to help you prove liability.

For help establishing liability in your case and pursuing a Georgia personal injury lawsuit, call Shane Smith Law at (980) 246-2656 for a free legal consultation today to learn more. Also, be sure to request a free copy of our book 10 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Georgia Car Wreck Case.

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